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# Name Price Change Trade
1 bitcoin $53,930.00 -6.25% Sell
2 etheruem $3,283.90 3.19% Sell
3 ripple $1.37 -11% Sell
4 bitcoin cash $957.01 -5.1% Sell
5 litecoin $301.78 5.8% Sell

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Recent Transactions

Send Receive Amount Status
Bitcoin BTC Bank Transfer USD 0.521000 BTC 38D88A9553A202FBDA8*********A8E113F9AB462F3008FFB471822D66F7E48 Approved
Bitcoin BTC PayPal USD 0.0094773 BTC A3B9E14254879282C3B*********2364461B903801A24B93B399134499921BD Approved
Bitcoin BTC Bank Transfer USD 0.183400 BTC 3848D86E09CADB7D496*********0D27BDC51AD61D43C5AD490A50FEC62ED2D Approved
Bitcoin BTC Bank Transfer GBP 0.00837 BTC AC61FBFF28033623BC6*********0B8AF5EFD5882FEEF58664B95A9EFEB234F Approved
Etheruem ETH Bank Transfer CAD 2.632 ETH 1E2BA26DE2463005A18*********67B49354A963627C07B8535000DB20B26EC Approved

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